If you want to know the fundamentals of VPN and you are totally unaware of what is VPN then this blog is for you.

Many websites, Systems, Video sharing Sites, banking sites in the internet world are very protected that some of the contries can’t even see that site. We can take an example of China. There are many sites are blocked in that country. So how the site owner can detect that the user is accessing the site from X country and we need to block that user to see that site and content ?

So IP Address is a key to check the contry location. Each machine has its own IP Address whether it is Personal Computer or Mobile. So through IP Address, one can easily track your location and blocked you anytime !

Virtual Private Network (VPN) is used to hide your location through IP Address. VPN is used to assign Virtual IP Address to your machine so that other servers which are used to block you to see the site or its content, can not able to track your original location and you will be treated as you are from different location.

Other then getting access of blocked website, VPN is used to access data privatly without disclosing your actual information. If you know, many websites are using your private information like location, cookies and your browsing data. VPN is also helpful here to protect you to surf privatly without disclosing your data.

Now, Let’s see how VPN is working !


VPN works in the machine. It will encodes your information, even before your Internet Service Provider(ISP) or the WiFi operator sees it. First, the information at that point goes to the VPN server, and from the VPN server to your online site that you are surfing like your bank site to a video sharing site to an internet searcher. So the online site that you are surfing will not get your actual information but rather it will take information from VPN server. So we can say that VPN is a kind of a mediator which will hide your information from outer source.

When you utilize a VPN benefit, your information is encoded (on the grounds that you’re utilizing their application), goes to your ISP then to the VPN server. The VPN server is the outsider that associates with the web for your sake. This takes care of the protection and security issue for us in a few different ways such as VPN server becomes the origin, nobody recognizes or knows you & your serving data. Possibly if someone reaches your data they can’t see the raw data they will find its encrypted data. Thus it will become safer for you to serve.

Surfing online is like you are providing all of your data of surfing to the sites in which you are moving

You don’t need to worry about your information is going somewhere if you are surfing for some fun sites like games and all. But if it’s web-based managing an account, business email, or whatever else that is impact to your business directly or indirectly than it can make a huge problem.

Flaws Of VPNs

There is some sort of limitation for VPNs as it depends on the technology used by the developer of VPN or the laws made by the government which may bring flaws in their services. But its LEGAL in some of the countries like USA, Canada, U.K, Some Other European nations as well as India.

While its block in countries like China, Turkey, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Belarus, Oman, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and Turkmenistan.

VPNs are unbelievably helpful as another layer of security over SSL conventions on sites, having a decent antivirus program, not downloading obscure programming, not sharing excessively private data via web-based networking media, et cetera. In general, they’re your following stage towards utilizing the web all the more deliberately and with adequate precautionary measures set up.

You can use many VPN servers from the market where some of the servers are Free and others are Paid.

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