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ITAIMS is a leading mobile game development company that offers high-quality game development services across all genres for iOS and Android smartphones. We use Unity 3D, AR Core, ReactNative and other powerful technologies which have helped us to successfully deliver over 100+ projects worldwide. Our game app development services are versatile enough so that players can access their games anytime anywhere using just one account

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Augment Reality Game Development process

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Types of AR Games We can Build

AR Shooting Games

Action-packed with unique graphics. Our AR shooting games are the top favourite among gaming enthusiasts!

AR Sports Games

Give your users access to larger than life players with a variety of sports games such as football, tennis, basketball etc.

AR Card Games

Virtual card games with the 3D effect that includes games like solitaire, banking games, staking games and more!

AR Table Games

Enjoy the most famous table games like chess, Monopoly, or Settlers of Catan brought to life with AR!

AR Geolocation Games

Take gaming one step ahead with location-based games that progress according to the player’s location!

AR FPS Games

Smooth, fast and entertaining! Our AR FPS games are designed using the best graphics to give a life-like experience.

Tools We Use in Our Game Development Services!

We are one of the top mobile game studios with experience in popular development engines like Unity, Blender, AR Core, AR kit, Vulforia and more. We can build native or cross-platform games depending on your technical requirement using JavaScript technologies such as Angular JS among others.

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Why Choose ITaims for Game Development Services?

As a game app development company with an experienced team and international presence, we offer cost-effective solutions for clients looking to outsource game production or hire developers on short term projects. Be it Unity gaming development or creating cross-platform gaming apps- Our uniquely qualified professionals ensure your goals are met in the most efficient manner!

A pool of Expert Game Developers

With extensive experience and knowledge, our developers use the best technologies and methodologies to bring your imagination to life.


All our game development is done keeping in mind your user’s needs and ensuring ease in functionality and a unique experience.


We don’t just deliver work but we make sure that we’re delivering what we promised while ensuring the highest quality standards.

Effective Communication

We will be with you throughout each and every stage of the development phase making sure that you are a part of the process.