Augmented Reality in Interior Design

From prototyping to construction, Augmented reality interior design has become a popular concept for all the right reasons. We can generate 3D models personalized to specific building plans and incorporate digital content and animations into simulations that analyze how people would flow through or around these structures. At ITAIMS, we have helped a lot of architects and builders with AR interior designs for their project models.

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Why should you choose Interior and Exterior Development Services?

Interior design has always been about creativity and imagination. Still, with the introduction of augmented reality in Interior Design projects, it's now easier than ever to bring your creative ideas into reality. Integrating augmented reality into interior design is the solution to all the limitations clients and designers face. It allows you to visualize projects and feel like you're physically there, experiencing it all in real-time. With Augmented Reality interior design services, you'll be able to create personalized design solutions for your clients that feel real!

Features of AR for Interior Design Solutions

Here are some exclusive features that can be integrated to make your AR VR experience larger than life!

AR Ruler

Tape measure landscapes simply with the camera on your smartphone. We’ll integrate standard measuring units like cms, inches, feet, mm, yard etc.

3D Model Modification

Add and eliminate objects in just a click! You’ll be able to project 3D objects into a real-world setting.

Virtual lighting

Mimic various lighting cues while getting accurate colour representation to understand how the objects would look in natural lighting.

Augmented Design templates

Bring 2D designs, patterns and photographs to life with augmented design templates and take your customer satisfaction to another level.

In-app snapshots and social sharing

Like what you see? You’ll be able to take screenshots and share them with your social circle or even post them on social media.

Tools we Use in Our AR VR Interior Design Services

AR interior design has opened up a world to endless possibilities. This innovative approach has allowed users to enjoy a larger than life experience at their fingertips. We aim to improvise and ensure that our customers access this fast-evolving technology as efficiently as possible. All our interior designs are made using powerful, high-performing tools like React Native, AR Core, AR Kit, Unity 3D, and Vulforia.

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