Angular Js Vs React Js : Which is the Best For Your Web Development Project

December 28, 2022 IN TECHNOLOGY
Table of Content
  1. Overview Of Angular Js Vs React Js
  2. What Is Angularjs ?
  3. Features of AngularJS
    1. Full-fledged MVC framework
      1. Model
      2. View
      3. Controller
    2. HTML based user interface
    3. Plain Old Javascript model(POJO model)
    4. Good community support
    5. Routing
  4. Advantages Of Angularjs
  5. Disadvantages Of Angular Js
  6. When To Choose Angular Over React?
  7. What is ReactJS?
  8. Features Of React Js
    1. JSX 5
    2. Components
    3. One-way data binding of the data
    4. Virtual DOM
    5. Performance
  9. Advantages Of React Js
  10. Disadvantages Of React Js
  11. When To Choose React Over Angular?
  12. Difference Between Reactjs And Angularjs
  13. Now let us look at the key differences between AngularJS and ReactJS.
  14. AngularJS or ReactJS: Which is a Better Choice for Front-end App Developers?
  15. Final thoughts: Angular Js Vs React Js Which Is Better

Overview Of Angular Js Vs React Js

It always takes work to decide which technology or framework to use to build an application for your business. Suppose one is planning to develop an application using Javascript. In that case, several frameworks are available to choose from, and new entrants in this category are always there, which will work similarly but come up with certain unique features. ReactJS and AngularJS are among the popular Javascript frameworks to work with. One can use either of the frameworks to build a web app. The decision to choose between the two can be taken if we do a comparative study between AngularJS and ReactJS by looking at the advantages and disadvantages of each one.

What Is Angularjs ?

AngularJS is a JavaScript-based web framework. It is an

open-source framework, which is why it is available free of cost. Mainly it is

used to develop single-page applications. Search engine giant Google maintains

it. If we look at the statistics provided by statista, AngularJS covered almost 20% market share in 2022.

Features of AngularJS

Following is the list of features AngularJS has to offer.

1. Full-fledged MVC framework

MVC is a software development design pattern to develop web applications.

  • Model:

It is responsible for maintaining data and is the first level of the design pattern. One should consider it a primitive data type like a boolean, number, or object.

  • View:

Name describes itself. It is responsible for presenting part of the data to the user in a particular format.

  • Controller:

Again name describes itself. It controls the interaction between the model and the view.

2. HTML based user-interface

The UI built in AngularJS is based on HTML. It is one of the popular programming languages which has shorter tags that makes it developer friendly.

3. Plain Old Javascript model(POJO model)

POJO model objects offer freedom from adding additional elements like getter and setter needed to bind AngularJS with data sources.

4. Good community support

While choosing a framework for development, one should always look for the availability of support from the community. AngularJS has one of the largest community support as the search engine giant, Google, maintains it.

5. Routing

One of the key aspects of single-page applications is routing, which is nothing but a transition from one view to another. The routing method makes users get an experience if they are interacting with a desktop app.

Advantages Of Angularjs

Following are some of the benefits.

  1. Parallelly running several components reduces lines of code, so developers like it a lot.
  2. It increases the overall performance of an application.
  3. Adding files and creating and debugging apps is no longer a hustle.
  4. It comes with AngularCLI and Rxjs, enabling applications to exchange data and independent event handling.
  5. AngularJS can have two modules. JavaScript modules and NGmodules. JavaScript modules are also known as JS modules and ES modules and they contain small units of code. NGmodule decorator is a function that uses a single metadata object. Properties of the same metadata object describes the module.
  6. It uses two-way data binding and it makes AngularJS one of the best technologies to work with.

Disadvantages Of Angular Js

Let us look at its limitations.

  1. It lacks server authentication. Identifying a user through credentials and data access permissions is not available.
  2. As it operates on Javascript only and Javascript suffers memory leakage problems. The application's unused free memory is not returned to the free memory pool.
  3. In AngularJS, a particular task can be done in many different ways, so there is no specific way that can be used to optimize the same task.

When To Choose Angular Over React?

AngularJS will be the ideal choice in the below-given situations.

  1. App development complexity will remain between the low to middle levels.
  2. You have a team of developers who are well-versed in C#, Java and previous versions of Angular.
  3. You want a large-scale application that has a number of features.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is a front-end javascript library for building user interfaces using UI components. It is an open-source library, so it is available free of cost. It is a product of Meta and is maintained by the same. Complex and interactive UIs are easy to create with the help of ReactJS. It becomes easy for developers to create scalable applications as ReactJS follows the "learn once, write anywhere" motto.

Features Of React Js

Here is a list of features of ReactJS.

1. JSX

It is an extension of the javascript syntax. JSX Extends ES6 so that it gives the facility to write HTML code alongside Javascript React Code.

2. Components

Applications built using ReactJS contain multiple components, and each of the components carries its own logic and controls.

3. One-way data binding of the data

It is observed that one-way data binding gives you better control over the application, and ReactJs follows the same method of one-way data binding.

4. Virtual DOM

Real DOM objects can be represented through virtual DOM objects. If any change happens in a web application, then the entire UI is re-rendered in virtual DOM, and then it will be compared with the previous DOM representation. Once it is done, Real DOM will update only those things which are changed.

5. Performance

It is known for its better performance. Virtual DOM is the reason for its performance. In reactJS, DOM exists in memory, and due to that, component creation does not get written to the DOM. The virtual components will ultimately turn into DOM.

Advantages Of React Js

Following are the benefits of ReactJS.

  1. The Document Object Model(DOM) of ReactJS is declarative, making it easy to follow and understand the code. UI automatically adjusts when the developer modifies the app's state while interacting with the Dom.
  2. Developers can test the application that they have built on various devices.
  3. As per the guidelines of google, web application loading speed matters the most, and ReactJS is a framework that can render web applications way faster than other frameworks. 
  4. Apart from the support of Meta, it is maintained by the communities of developers around the world, which makes ReactJS a go-to framework.

Disadvantages Of React Js

Let us look at its limitations.

  1. ReactJS is a technology that gets updated now and then, so no proper documentation is available for the developers. Only a brief guide is available, which does not cover a detailed explanation.
  2. As ReactJS is evolving very fast, it becomes a bottleneck for the developers to relearn new ways of doing things now and then.
  3. It is not a complete set of tools needed for web development, as only the UI part of the web applications can be created. So developers have to go for another technology to get the work done.
  4. ReactJS uses JSX, which allows HTML with Javascript mixed with it. Though it has many benefits, many developers, especially new ones, find this technology's learning curve difficult.

When To Choose React Over Angular?

ReactJS will be the ideal choice in the below-given situations.

  1. You are working on a project that requires you to create shareable components.
  2. You have a team that has expertise in HTML, CSS and Javascript.
  3. Personalized app solutions can be delivered as per the requirement with the help of ReactJS.
  4. If you require an app that has multiple events in it.

Difference Between Reactjs And Angularjs

Now let us look at the key differences between AngularJS and ReactJS.

AngularJS vs ReactJS comparison
TypeIt is a JavaScript library.Angular is a MVC based complete framework.
Use of librariesReactJS needs to be use with other programming libraries.Angular itself is a complete solution.
Learning CurveNovice programmers can work around it easily.Angular is not for novice developers.
Installation timeInstallation time is longer but application development and delivering projects is faster. Easy to set up but it takes a long time for coding which results in delayed project delivery.
Scope-in developmentReactJS offers freedom to choose any library, tool and architecture for the development. Limited freedom to choose libraries and tools for the development.
Companies usingFacebook, Netflix, Pinterest.Mesh, Wepay and Auto Trader.
Javascript integrationPossibleNot possible
GitHub Stats200k stars85.6k stars
Template InfoJSX + J%HTML + TypeScript

AngularJS or ReactJS: Which is a Better Choice for Front-end App Developers?

The technological ecosystem is driven by mobile and web apps nowadays. The high adoption rate and success of ReactJS can be attributed to its smooth functionality. AngularJS remains one of the top players in the JavaScript framework category, while ReactJS has a long way to go to become the top player in the same framework category. ReactJS stands out due to its prompt rendering functionality and the presence of JSX. Ultimately, we can say there is no straightforward way to compare and judge the best one among these two.

Final thoughts: Angular Js Vs React Js Which Is Better

Developers of both frameworks will agree that ReactJS and AngularJS are no less than other available Javascript frameworks for building top-notch web applications. Now the decision to use which of the two depends on project requirements and the personal choice of the developers.

ReactJS would be the better choice for a novice developer as its learning curve is easy compared to AngularJS. AngularJS should be the choice if a developer needs a comprehensive solution for the front-end development of large-scale projects. In other words, if one is looking for ways to get the job done easily, ReactJS would be the developers' preference, while AngularJS is alone enough for most development needs.

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