React Native or Flutter: Let the layman decide?

React Native or Flutter: Let the layman decide?

react native v/s flutter


In today's developing market,Mobile application for businesses are necessity for most of the organization.Most of the companies need both android & iOS apps with reliable,stable & fast development.Therefore platforms are created for development of both the technology on one platform.this sort of development platforms are known as Cross Platforms. Before this developers use Xcode & Swift for IOS Development.While android developers use Android Studio & Kotlin or java to develop their respective apps.Due to Cross Platforms now these apps can be developed on a single coding system for both android & iOS.The two big players of this industry are React Native & Flutter.

What is React Native?

React Native is a cross-platform which was created by Facebook in 2013 for an internal project named 'Hackathon' later on in January 2015 React js was introduced and on March 26,2015 Facebook released React Native open and available on Github for developers.It can help you to develop android apps,windows,iOS,MacOs,tvOs,webs & different universal window platforms using react framework with help of native platform capabilities.

Advantages of React Native

1. Less Time Consuming

React Native is really lesser time consuming than developing app on android & ios.If we count on an example base,let's suppose an android app on an avg takes 60-90days to be develop while an iOS app takes 60-90 days on an avg while an avg RN app can be develop in 50-60 days so it takes around 33% less time than other sources.

2. Small Team

While the team developing an android app or IOS app needs 4-6 developers to develop both the apps.The Rn only takes 3-4 developers to develop an app which is again smaller than other two

3. High Performing

It is an high performing application as it uses whole system which provides great speed,good graphics,fast reloading,.

4. Secure

Security is a main aspect for any application and it's performance.react native provides secure platform of native

5. Target Multiple OS

Its really amazing that one code can run multiple Os. Nevertheless, you will have two applications with single code with different functions.

6. Ready Made Components

This is really good thing for developers as well as the application owners as they don't have to develop app from scratch they can simply apply the component from the made ones.

Drawbacks of React Native

  • debugging & compatible.

  • custom modules still lack.

  • need of a extra native developer to the team.

What is Flutter?

On the other hand,Flutter is a cross-platform which is developed by Google and released in may 2017 three years before from now.Its first version was named as 'Sky' which was for the android which was released by dart in 2015 with the ability to render for 120 frames/second. It's another preview was released on google developers day.Thereafter Flutter 1.0. Was released On December 4, 2018,it was released at the Flutter Live event, with first stable framework. On December 11, 2019, another Flutter 1.12 was released at the Flutter Interactive event.On May 6, 2020, the Dart SDK in version 2.8 and the Flutter in version 1.17.0 were released, where support was added to the Metal API, which helps to improve performance on iOS devices (approximately 50%), new Material widgets, and new network latest release was on 14th of November of 2020. Flutter helps you to develop applications for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows, Google Fuchsia and the web from a single codebase.

Advantages of Flutter

1. Own Rendering Engine

Flutter has amazing custom widgets which helps companies to get best out of the design for android as well as for IOS respectively.The design of ui can be same for all the platforms of the company or different for each as well.

2. Proper documentation

Flutters allows you to work for the web also to check the working of the native which leads you to proper documentation

3. Relatively Fast development

Flutter is relatively fast than android as well iOS is also faster than many cross platform available in market relatively.As well as you do not need two teams working on same product

4. Hot reload

Flutter provides the feature of fast reloading which allows the system to update the code can also change the code very fast.So you can work quickly on it

5. Hign in performance

Flutter performance is relatively higher than any of the platform available it is 60fps at an contemporary screen display with clear and smooth screen image. Which is not only good but will work with any of the systems.

Drawbacks of Flutter

  • file sizes may be big.

  • feature not from flutter plugin may lack as they not too much compatible.

  • Developer should be knowing dart programming till some extent.

Comparison Between React Native & Flutter

The platform can be compared on 3 things-:

1. Framework

While Flutter has its own framework and react native needs native to put the framework.

2. Speed,security & Ui

Working speed on both the platforms are faster than android or iOS but flutter has its developed plugins to be used for some functions so it can relatively faster.Both the platform are secured because are created but top companies google & Facebook.react native can't replicate the same ui on both the system but flutter can provide this function.

3. Compatible,stability & smoothness

Flutter is more compatible in terms of engineering,ui and further support then react native.In stability also flutter is more stable then react native as it is fast and coding can be change quickly as well less debugging issues.While react native is smoother than flutter as flutter consume more memories as the file are large but still it doesn't effects its performance.

Hopefully I have covered most of the points for a layman to understand what is react native & flutter as well there pros & cons and the comparison of both the platforms.Now a company can easily decided they want to choose flutter or react native.