Lead Management Challenges

December 20, 2020 IN TECHNOLOGY
Table of Content

  1. Introduction
  2. Missed leads
  3. Difficulty in classification
  4. Roi of marketing, sales & employees
  5. Immediate Response
  6. Frequently Asked Question


The modern businesses work in a concept of sales tunnel where leads and their followups plays am important role.While many business are not able to move their sales tunnel smoothly.they find obstacles managing there leads.some of the some obstacles are-:

1. Missed Leads

Business loss there leads to not managing them properly. Every business generate leads & note them or scale them but they get misplaced or misunderstood due to not a proper management system which follows the flow of working. Bitlead can help you stay on top of every lead. Additionally, has the ability to change as your business grows will ensure that you’ll never have to worry about your success becoming a liability.

2. Difficulty In Classification

If lead management is not proper it can't be classified into closed lead,dead lead or ongoing lead.Therefore it will be time consuming and still can't be classified properly. While Bitlead filters lead into classified way of hot & cold leads.As well as the stage of lead is classfied in the system from a lead management system through which sales team or sales person has to concenrate on converting the lead & follow the sales tunnel.

3. Roi Of Marketing,Sales & Employees.

One of the greatest hurdle for any business is to calculate the return of the investment in the marketing or sales of the unit.In system like bitlead ,an unit can go through the report of the performance of the employee or performance of overall unit.

4. Immediate Response

Today's competative market,the timing of pitching the client is more important then reaching the client with good offer.So for proper response and conversion the right timing with right offer is needed.While systems like bitlead capture leads from the messages provided by the lead providing companies like(justdial, IndiaMART,etc…).This helps the unit to provide immediate responses to the client and convert lead into there clients.