Top Reason To Choose Java For Web Development

November 22, 2022 INTECHNOLOGY
Table of Content
  1. Java is Platform Independent
  2. Java is safe and secure
  3. Variety of APIs
  4. It is used in various real-world applications
  5. Supports Multi-Threading
  6. Highly scalable
  7. Object Oriented
  8. Final Thoughts
  9. Frequently Asked Questions

Are you on the verge of starting a new website?

Have you considered website development with java?

Java was developed by Sun Microsystem in 1995 and then was later occupied by Oracle in 2010. It is the basis for most of the popular applications today and it is extremely useful for business software, mobile applications, web scripting games, and embedded systems.

It is a popular choice in finance and banking applications too. Big giants such as Amazon, Google, and Facebook constantly apply it. Java has versatile features that make it one of the best programming languages for website development.

Let's have a look at reasons why you should consider use of java in web development-

Java is Platform Independent

This reason will compel you to choose Java in web development & website development. It allows programmers to write code and use it wherever and whenever. Also, it is highly portable and works effectively in multi-platform applications. The companies don't have to worry about their hardware or operating systems and don't have to deal with compatibility issues either. It is one of the best options when it comes to platform-independent languages.

Java is safe and secure

Various programmers use Java for web development because they find it to be highly secure. The security features in Java include progressive authentication, cryptography and access control that make it an ideal choice for web development. A developer can use these components to run their expanded API, including password-protected login procedures, digital signatures, cyphers, creating a unique security policy, etc.

Variety of APIs

It has a rich bunch of APIs that makes it a favourite choice of major development companies. These APIs are easily available to various Java developers. They are available for tasks such as networking, I/O, database connections, utilities, XML parsing, etc. Open-source libraries such as Apache POI, Apache Commons, Jackson, Google Guava, and others encapsulate the remaining subjects.

It is used in various real-world applications

It is actively utilised in a wide range of real-world applications that gives java developers real peace of mind. Renowned brands such as eBay, Amazon, LinkedIn, and Facebook use Java. It is ideal for creating corporate web applications in almost every industry such as healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services. The most advanced technologies such as IoT, Cloud development, AI, Data Mining, and so on, are well-suited to Java.

Advanced IDEs and tools

It has a wide range of developer tools and IDE readily available to deliver high productivity. It has a series of logic that is utilised while developing web applications. The popular IDEs for developing Java applications are NetBeans and Eclipse. There are other complementary and open-source tools and plugins available for programming and testing applications.

Supports Multi-Threading

As Java supports multi-threading, programs written in the language can handle a large number of users or threads at the same time. So the developers don't have to write different copies of the code on the same hardware as Java allows them to create various threads according to the requirements of the software. A Java-based multithreaded environment also provides a user with quick simultaneous access, fewer difficulties, multiple operations, better performance, and faster reaction time. That is why it is a convenient choice to use java for web development

Highly scalable

Java is amazingly scalable, as its solutions can handle even the most demanding workloads with no sweat. This could include higher request rates, larger data sets, etc. It is flexible according to the needs of a web application and gives the developer the ability to scale the application vertically and horizontally to meet new requirements.

This means that you should include the minute details and basic codes if you wish to improve the response time and speed of your web application.

Object Oriented

Java's popularity comes from the fact that it is an Object-Oriented Programming language. This component attracts various web developers because an OOP application is user-friendly. It keeps the system modular, changeable, and scalable. The reusability of software also decreases the cost of application development.

Final Thoughts

We hope you are by now convinced why Java is a perfect rescue for website development. Creating a Java-based web application for your business requires professional expertise and a technical skill set. IT Aims is a leading Java development firm in India that has assisted a wide range of companies around the world to create Java-based web applications and maintain them as they grow in the market. For more than seven years we have been winning our customers' hearts by delivering beyond their expectations. Hire us to build Java apps for any kind of application and witness a perfect blend of quality, reliability and growth formula for your business.